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About Us

Hometown Health and Wellness is an excellent resource for the La Porte community! As a Direct Primary Care (DPC) office, they offer a variety of services, including primary care and wellness options. Here’s a breakdown of what we provide:
1. Primary Care: Hometown Health and Wellness offers essential primary care services, ensuring patients have access to routine check-ups, preventive care, and management of chronic conditions.
2. Wellness Services:
o Weight Loss: We assist with weight management, helping patients achieve their health goals.
o Hormone Replacement: Hormone replacement therapy can be crucial for individuals experiencing hormonal imbalances.
o PRP Injections: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are used for various purposes, such as tissue healing and rejuvenation.
o IV Vitamin Infusions: Intravenous vitamin infusions can enhance overall health and address specific deficiencies.
3. Cost-Effective Solution for Small Business Owners and the Self-Employed: DPC practices often offer subscription-based models, allowing small business owners and self-employed individuals to access quality healthcare without traditional insurance hassles.
Elisa Bergquist, Family Nurse Practitioner, plays a pivotal role in providing personalized care to patients. If you’re considering becoming a patient, please reach out to us directly for more details on services, pricing, and availability.
Remember that DPC practices prioritize direct relationships between providers and patients, emphasizing accessibility and personalized care.